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Our Products

Reprocessing and Accessory Products main image

Reprocessing and Accessory Products

CathGuard™ Protective Catheter Pocket, injectable and non-injectable catheter caps, recirculation connectors, tube occluders, fistula clamps, a complete range of test strips, CapKeeper® Test Strip Lid & Container Organizers, Micro-X® Dialyzer Sterilant and more.

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Equipment Parts and Accessories main image

Equipment Parts and Accessories

Accu-Read™ BP cuffs, CalRite® QC standard solutions, E-Z Draw® Sample Port, E-Z Gel™ & E-Z Foam™ Drain Cleaner, citric acid, high reliability quick disconnects and couplers, tubing, tubing clamps, lubricants, sealants, Renatron replacement parts, etc.

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Water Treatment Products main image

Water Treatment Products

Complete line of test strips, filters and housings, RO membranes and membrane cleaners, disinfectants, Water Treatment CD-ROM training software, Micro-X® water system sanitizer, portable ROs, UV units and lamps, carbon and carbon tanks, and much more.

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One of RPC's international distributors, Medica Santa Carmen, was recently featured in Start Up magazine. The article talks about entrepreneur Andres Gutierrez and his vision for the clinics in Mexico at Medica Santa Carmen as well as the expansion of Medica Santa Carmen. Just a few months ago "Medical Santa Carmen was considered by Forbes Magazine Mexico as one of the 30 most outstanding and promising companies nationwide."

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